Arizona Cardinals' 2019 NFL Regular Season Predictions

Arizona Cardinals’ 2019 NFL Regular Season Predictions

By September 2, 2019News

Preseason is closing up and the regular football season is just around the corner and we are hoping for a big improvement this year, as we were pretty disappointed by the end of the 2019 season.

“If we’re talking about the Cardinal’s record,” says CBS’ Tyler Sullivan, “the Cardinals may find themselves in the very same spot that they were in last year.”

With that said, many Arizona fans are optimistic about this year moving forward. Kingsbury, the Cardinal’s new coach, seems to be doing quite well setting a good foundation for this season. Of course, as we all know, you can’t just build a great football team in the course of a season, so all we can hope for right now is that the team can beat the Lions in their opening game.

It will definitely be tough once they get around to playing the Rams and the Steelers, though we believe there is enough promise to get them to the right place. Here are some of the top predictions for this year’s Cardinals Team.


1. Kyler Murray’s Rookie Season Will Be Similar To That Of Baker Mayfield

Kyler Murray was the top overall pick of the 2019 NFL Draft and we believe that he will succeed thanks to the pass-catching weapons that are his teammates. Baker Mayfield, who was the top overall pick for last year’s draft, had 27 touchdowns, 14 interceptions, and 3,725 yards thrown, all within the 14 games that he played. However, with all of that said, there are predictions that he will have rushing stats far above the 131 yards that belonged to Mayfield.



2. Larry Fitzgerald Will Have Touchdowns In the Double Digits

Heading into his 16th season, the legendary Larry Fitzgerald, one of the Cardinals’ greatest wide receivers, is still hanging in there with kids that are almost half his age! Though we saw his receiving yard stats go down to 734, we believe that was because he didn’t have the same opportunity that he will likely have this year.

Last year, he was even able to maintain a 10.6 yard-per-catch average. We imagine that he’ll become a far bigger red zone presence with Kyler Murray on the field, who will need him as a receiving weapon.


3. The Cardinals Will Beat Their 3-13 Record

Though many believe that the odds are stacked against the Arizona Cardinals once again, there is a lot of optimism surrounding the team this year. With a new-and-improved coach, as well as an exceptional new quarterback, there is no reason why this team can’t get together and build from the foundation up to create something great.

As the team is changing, the Cardinals are moving into a new era. Though the past decade hasn’t been too kind to them, we can at least say that they are beginning to turn a new leaf. With one solid Cardinals victory in the preseason, we can only have a little bit of hope at this point!