The DUB Show Tour Coming In April To Phoenix, AZ

By April 9, 2019Events, News

Hip-hop and cars go together like peanut butter and jelly. That’s why DUB Magazine, the epicenter for street cars, street racing culture, and “DUB” tires, has put together the amazing DUB Show Tour. This mix of music, food, and car culture travels the country showcasing awesome vehicles and hip-hop acts from around the country.

Now, the DUB Show is coming to Phoenix, AZ! Read on to learn more about this show, and to find out about when you need to go and how to prepare beforehand.

What is the Monster Energy DUB Show?

The DUB Show Tour is an event, presented by DUB Magazine, to promote the latest and greatest in hot cars and hotter music. The focus of DUB Magazine, and the associated DUB tour, is to put urban culture, music, and cars at the forefront of a nationwide tour supporting the magazine and the culture at large. Local shows typically support local artists, and partner with local stations. For example, the Phoenix show is in partnership with Power 98.3, Ph

What will you see at the DUB Show? Cars, car merch, big wheels (called “DUBS”), music, and more. This festival is primarily for those who are really into car culture, including street racing and street-legal hot rods.


Who is Playing at the DUB Show?

The DUB show prides itself on showcasing hot Hip-Hop acts, typically up-and-comers with ties to the scene. The 2019 Phoenix, AZ show will include artists like:

  • Trippie Red
  • Little Xan
  • OT Genasis
  • Gashi
  • Mellow Man Ace
  • Coca Vango

And more.

The lineup changes from city to city, and the Phoenix lineup looks to be one of the most extensive and varied out of the entire tour. Music lovers who are into modern hip-hop need to be at the DUB Show Tour.


What Else Do I Need to Know About DUB Show?

This is an all-ages event, but organizers ask that visitors do not bring their own food, drinks, alcohol, or backpacks into the arena. Food and beverages will be available at the event.

There will be a special Monster Energy Drink Lounge complete with the Monster-themed cars and jeeps as well as music, food, and seating areas.

Also check out the “LFTD & LVLD” exhibit showcasing awesome, jacked-up jeeps and trucks, sponsored by Nitto Tires.


When and Where is the DUB Show?

The Phoenix, AZ DUB Show Tour stop will be in the Phoenix Convention Center Saturday, April 13th from 4pm-9pm. Note that no drugs, drug paraphernalia, weapons, bottles, cans, food, backpacks, or smoking and vaping products are permitted. Any contraband items seized during entry will be thrown away. There are also no leave and return tickets: once you buy your ticket and enter the building, you are their for the duration or you must buy another ticket.