Top 5 Underground Hip-Hop Acts to Check Out in Phoenix, AZ

By March 30, 2019Events, News

Most major cities have a thriving hip-hop scene, and Phoenix, AZ is no different. Many artists from all over the world are heading to the west coast, and Arizona, to try to make a splash the same way Dre, Snoop, and 2Pac did.

Here are 5 hip hop artists in, or coming out of, Phoenix Arizona. This isn’t a comprehensive list, but it is a place to get started so you can dig deep into the archive and find out what Elise the Phoenix hip-hop scene has to offer.


Charlie Mumbles

Charlie Mumbles is a 24-year old producer and hip-hop artist that brings a diverse sound to his music, and infuses the local Phoenix hip-hop scene with creativity and crazy energy. He manages the individual label Chop Records, where he hosts his own music and local hip hop artists. Charlie mumbles is one of those rappers that brings in such diverse musical backgrounds that it transforms the music around him, so much so that he is often seen as one of the more vital forces in underground Phoenix hip-hop.

Chaz Soto

Chaz Soto has been a fixture in Phoenix hip-hop since 2015. Having started out by dropping the Landon mixtape (and later releasing the White Waves mixtape in 2016) to rave reviews in the local Phoenix music scene. He’s also begun to make a splash on the national and international hip-hop circuit, opening concerts for artists like Machine Gun Kelly and Casey Veggies.

Reck Yosiah

Reck Yosiah carries an old school vibe with a modern sensibility that gives his music a heartbeat like that of the streets that he comes from. Originally from the Virgin Islands, Reck Yosiah comes to Phoenix by way of Brooklyn, and he blends that old-school east coast sensibility with strong lyricism.

Lamar Crushin

Lamar Crushin came to Phoenix, and the west coast, from Maryland in order to pursue a dream of hip hop stardom. His debut album, 92, hit the Phoenix streets with a combination of grit, rawness, and straight-up honesty. He serves as a blast of fresh air that has supported his  local label, the Truminait Group, for years. If you are a fan of hip-hop that tells the truth, that comes from the streets, and that doesn’t sugarcoat the hardships of life, then Lamar Crushin should be on your record player.

Injury Reserve

Injury Reserve is actually comprised of three artists: Ritchie with a T, Stepa J Griggs, and producer Corey Parker. This group self-released their debut album, Live from the Dentist Office, in 2015 to make a big splash in the Phoenix area. Their second album in 2016, titled Floss, shows them upping the ante with a combination of fun party rap with a message. If you like your beats bumping and your lyrics thoughtful, then check out Injury Reserve.

As you can see, The Phoenix hip-hop scene is always expanding, and it is always changing. If you live in the Phoenix area you need to keep up to date with the new artists emerging on the scene. But this sampler can give you a good idea about the variety of artists and the strength of the scene so you can get started.